5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Kids Online

by Business Watch Team

The internet is a whole new world with different people and different characters. It is a world that when one enters aimlessly, they get lost.

Children are vulnerable when it comes to the internet. Some have been exposed to unwarranted materials such as pornography and some have been catfished, kidnapped, bullied, and even raped.

It is important, as stakeholders, parents, and guardians to protect children when it comes to the internet. Children, just like other beings, learn from curiosity and the best way to protect them is to satisfy their curiosity and explain to them how to be safe.

Here is how to protect them

Play a game with them

There are so many children’s games online. However, not all of them are safe for your kids. As a parent, or guardian, know what kind of games your kids are playing online when alone.

Make them get hooked to games that teach them how to protect themselves against the dangers of the internet. Games such as Cyber Soljas by the Communications Authority of Kenya not only entertain kids but also teach them the dangers that come with the internet.

Talk to them

Young kids often listen when you talk to them. Have what we call an “internet date” with your kids when you share with them about the internet and the challenges that come with it.

Engage the kids in conversations and encourage them to be open in sharing any challenges that they may have encountered online such as bullying or pornographic materials.

Warn them against strangers

Children trust easily. They easily follow and fall for strangers they feel “comfortable with”. Tell the kids not to easily trust strangers and encourage them to always tell you whenever a stranger stalks them both online and offline.

Encourage more outdoor activities

Often go out with your kids whenever you have time with them. This will encourage them to always find something to do outside the Internet. Do not give them the freedom of always being on the internet.

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