A Kenyan Tops Bolt Food Worldwide By Ordering Food Worth Ksh 89,000

by Business Watch Team

This year, Bolt turned 10, reaching 150M+ customers across more than 500 cities worldwide in 45 countries. This year’s Bolt Rewind data reveals what customers across the world have in common, as well as Kenya customers’ unique transport trends.

In 2023, the most popular pick-up days for Bolt ride-hailing globally were Friday and Saturday evenings, and Bolt picked up customers the most from airports and train stations. It was a big year for Bolt’s pet category, with over 4.8 million journeys with a furry friend. When it came to food, the most popular day for Food orders across the world was Friday. The most popular Bolt Food order was a cheeseburger, and when it came to groceries, bananas were the global favorite

Bolt Food in Kenya saw the most expensive order in 2023 placed for a total of KES 89,000 and the largest number of individual Bolt Food orders placed by a customer at over 500 orders. The distance was no barrier for customers ordering their favorite meal, with the furthest delivery of the year reaching 98 km.

Linda Ndungu, Country Manager said: “This year, our 150M+ customers helped us take another step towards our mission to make better cities and not private cars. By choosing shared mobility options like ride-hailing, and Bolt Food for food delivery, we replaced more and more use cases for private cars together. To help us keep working towards our mission, we’re inviting everyone in Kenya to submit their ideas through our social media channels on how to make their city more people-friendly, and we’ll pick one to bring to life.”

Edgar Kitur, Bolt Food Country Manager, echoed the same sentiments stating that:  “In a remarkable year of milestones, our delivery service has not only met but exceeded expectations, setting new standards in efficiency and customer satisfaction. As we bid farewell to 2023, our couriers’ commitment has been pivotal. We anticipate an even more dynamic year with exciting opportunities for our couriers to elevate their earnings. We look forward to a year of innovation, growth, and unparalleled service in the world of deliveries”

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