A List Of Job Openings At The Teachers Service Commission

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Junior Secondary Schools

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced a list of job opportunities for teachers open for the month of March.

Currently, there are 130 open positions for teachers who wish to be employed to teach in secondary schools. There are also 450 internship positions for a period of 12 months for secondary schools.

In Garissa, there are 18 positions for primary school teachers while in Wajir, there are 27 positions for those who wish to teach in primary schools. There are also 28 positions in Mandera at the primary school level.

One will need to meet the following requirements to qualify to apply for the positions:

Must be a Kenyan citizen. This means that one must have a valid ID card or a passport in some cases.

Must be a registered teacher with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC). In other words, he/she must have a TSC number.

Must be a holder of at least a Diploma in Education.

How to apply? Easy. The TSC has made it possible such that all the applications can be made online. For the month of March, use the following link to apply: https://hrmis.tsc.go.ke/app/login and you will be good to go.

Please note that the internship positions are for a period of 12 months. The lucky ones, after the internship program, are absorbed to permanently teach under TSC.

TSC insists that all qualified candidates will be invited for an interview and successful ones will receive an SMS telling them when to report to their new stations.

In the past few months, TSC has been rushing against time to employ teachers to avert a crisis that has been brought about by the rollout of the Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) through the kickoff of Grade 7.

So far, at least 30,000 teachers have been employed and deployed to various schools across the country. TSC is planning to hire at least 12,000 more this year.

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