A Look At BrighterMonday’s New Employers Handbook

by Business Watch Team

Kenya’s largest job and career website BrighterMonday has introduced the Employers Handbook meant to potential employers to make the right decisions during the hiring process even as Covid-19 continues to impact the economy and jobs.

The Handbook titled Managing Your Workforce Through The COVID-19 Pandemic And Into The Future, aims to assist HR practitioners with HR best practices during disruption and in the future.

“It can be used as a guideline to put theory into practice and develop customised approaches in the workplace. Take the learnings and adapt to your situation. Things have definitely changed, you have to take charge and drive what is right for your business,” says BrighterMonday.

COVID-19 is impacting the way businesses manage their workforce. It impacts factors such as, Hiring Decisions, Hiring Processes, Remote Working Policies & Tools, Effective Employee Communication, Employee Performance Management & Well-being, and Post-Crisis HR Plan, all of which this handbook seeks to explore. There is a lot of uncertainty, as this is unprecedented.

“We have curated expert advice and research insights and we want to share HR best practices that apply to the above, during this period and its aftermath,” said BrighterMonday.

The Handbook has been divided into chapters with each chapter having a detailed breakdown of various subjects in the job sector such as the Hiring Decisions, the Hiring Process, Remote Working and Tools, Effective Employee Communication, Employee Performance management, and well-being among others.

“We don’t only offer job information services, we are here to build careers. BrighterMonday Kenya forms part of the investment portfolio of Ringier One Africa Media, one of Africa’s largest digital publishers, allowing global brands to reach targeted audiences nationally, regionally, continentally, and by each vertical in which they operate,” said BrighterMonday.

Making Decisions To Hire

Making hiring decisions in uncertain times such as the Coronavirus pandemic may cause stress and strain on your hiring process. However, before embarking on hiring, you have to thoroughly evaluate whether it is necessary to hire. Look at the disruption as an opportunity to better your processes, adapt, and then execute accordingly.

It is critical to communicate with relevant stakeholders from the evaluation phase to the implementation of the hiring process.

However, how you communicate with each one may differ depending on the most suitable medium of communication, nonetheless, you must communicate effectively and efficiently.

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Where And How To Advertise Your Roles

Once you have decided to hire, an effective advertisement should follow to ensure that your resources such as time, effort, and money are maximized.

An effective job advertisement should contain all the important information, reflect your employer brand, and be short and punchy.

In addition, it should include the ‘what is in it for me’ (‘WIFM’) principle. For example, indicate whether it’s remote work, let the job ad reflect your company culture, and overall employer brand.

Even though you’re recruiting during a pandemic, your employer brand needs to remain consistent and should be upheld in your recruitment marketing.

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Why I would recommend the Handbook to Employers

Kenya thrives on the wheels of Small Business Enterprises (SMEs). The SME sector employs at least 86 percent of Kenya’s population and contributes at least 45.5 percent to the country’s GDP.

Before Covid-19, stats by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) showed that at least 450,000 businesses were dying annually in Kenya, 30,000 monthly, and at least 1,000 daily.

The coming of Covid-19 made things even worse. Businesses have been shut down and at least 1.7 million Kenyans have lost their jobs. The working environment has changed and a time for both employers and employees to rethink has come.

This Handbook gives detailed guidance not just for individual employers but for both large and small organizations. Employees can also benefit from knowing what employers are looking for and expect of them.

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