A Look At How Tunu App Is Enabling SMEs In Kenya Increase Sales

by Business Watch Team

Many small businesses in Kenya and around the world depend on growth in sales to bring in revenue and manage cash flow. The past year saw many small businesses shut down due to the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has long been known that running promotions and marketing campaigns are a great way to reach customers and keep them engaged and loyal.

Not all businesses have the resources to run sales promotions. Sometimes the budget does not allow it, other times there are no human resources to execute required tasks, and other times it’s something entirely different.

That is why it is important for small businesses to invest in the right revenue growth initiatives. Tunu is a Kenyan start-up that works with businesses to connect customers with discounts on all goods and services.

Users looking to save money on meals, makeup, entertainment, and more services download the Tunu app on the Apple and Android stores.

Delivery or In-store

Customers can redeem discounts directly through the Tunu app and get them delivered free of charge anywhere within Nairobi. You can also redeem these discounts and offers at over 100 physical locations and partner outlets.

James Beautah, Tunu’s Head of Marketing in a statement shared with the media, said “We are onboarding new businesses every day and there are others who have reached out to us directly because they have seen the value we provide; which is instant access to a wide pool of potential customers and quality logistical support to ensure a complete sales process. Once we connect the customer with a product they love at a discounted price, our role is complete. We are happiest when businesses get customers and customers get great bargains and savings”

Customers get value for money and increased savings

Tunu’s customers have already begun feeling the benefits and some are even recommending Tunu on their YouTube videos as a great money-saving tool. As more and more businesses join Tunu more and more users will save money and get more value for their money.

How it works

Tunu has taken an innovative approach that connects gamification and retail. There are currently two games users can play to unlock discounts on Tunu.

In one game users take pictures of augmented reality animals with their smartphone cameras anywhere they are. The animals disappear fast so users have to be quick to snap these pictures before they disappear. Tapping on the animal once it appears on your screen is how you get rewarded with discounts. The animals you take pictures of are added to a Collection that you can explore anytime.

The second game on Tunu is called Tunu Connect. In Tunu Connect, users connect and match 3 ‘safaris’ of the same color. When the 3 same-color safaris are matched, they disappear and shift the Safaris above them until your moves run or your time runs out. After every 5 rounds, a user gets a discount. The safaris matched contribute to the animal count in your Collection.

Tunu’s third game launching soon will be a trivia game with weekly tournaments that allow users to play against each other for prizes like data, food, etc.

You can download Tunu for Android or Apple devices by following this Linktree link.

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