A New Betting Firm Lands In Kenya, Gamers To Win Ksh 300,000 Free Of Charge,

by Business Watch Team

A new betting firm called 888bet Kenya has kicked off operations in the country. Set up in 1997, the firm already has 50 million customers across the world.

888bet Kenya joins other gaming firms already in Kenya but has come up with products and services that are likely to give peers in the same industry a run for their money.

The company has kicked off with a special product called Supa 10. In this product, one has to predict 10 games correctly and will walk away with 300,000 shillings free of charge.

This means that for one to win 300,000 shillings in the Supa 10, he or she does need is to register to become a member of 888bet Kenya, place the bet, and wait to smile all the way to the bank. 10 teams make it easier for one to win.

What is more interesting is that all those who will get 7 or more correct predictions will be entered into a draw to win a trip to watch the much-awaited World Cup matches in Qatar.

The minimum stake for a single or multibet is 1 shilling. One also gets to enjoy 3 free bets a week on 2for1. They have also made sure that they have slightly higher odds than other competitors in the same field. There are also bonuses of up to 500 percent.

By placing the jackpot at 10 games, 888bet Kenya becomes the only gaming firm in Kenya now with a jackpot that has the least teams, hence reducing the risk of losing for gamers and giving them high chances of winning.

At the same time, if no gamer will have predicted all 10 matches correctly, then the 300,000 shillings will be distributed equally among those who would have predicted 9 matches correctly. If only one person would have predicted 9 out of 10 correct matches, the cash will be theirs.

Get more and register here https://bit.ly/3EWlNUe

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