Air France Flies Back to Kenya After 18 Years

by Business Watch Team

Air France has announced that it will be resuming its flights between Paris and Nairobi after 18 years of absence.

In an announcement that was made on Monday, the French-based airline said that it has reached the decision following the increased demand of passengers who want to come to Kenya.

Air France stopped its flights to Nairobi in the year 2000 and will now resume with three weakly flights.

Another airline, Lufthansa of Germany, resumed its flights to Nairobi two years ago after being in the cold for over 17 years.

Air India is also in the process of resuming its flights to Kenya signaling good days ahead in Kenya’s tourism sector.

Meanwhile, Kenya Airways was forced to cancel a flight to South Africa on Friday after the plane plying the route suffered a hitch.

The management confirmed that the plane was hit by a tow truck leading to its engine being damaged but assured passengers that this will soon normalize.

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