ALP West Logistics Park Selected For New Manufacturing And Packaging Plant In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Printcare has chosen ALP West Logistics Park as the site for their upcoming manufacturing and packing plant in Kenya. Scheduled to commence operations in April 2024, this facility aligns with Printcare’s strict EU compliance standards, meeting various international criteria established by the European Union.

Renowned for its global clientele, Printcare conducted thorough evaluations of potential locations, ultimately selecting ALP West Logistics Park for its infrastructure and commitment to upholding international standards. This dedication encompasses health and safety regulations, environmental sustainability, quality assurances, and the provision of a secure working environment, crucial for global market operations.

 “We chose ALP West Logistics Park for its strategic location and commitment to international quality construction, aligning perfectly with our stringent EU compliance requirements. ALP’s strategic positioning and dedication to maintaining top-tier infrastructure suit our global operational needs. This decision empowers us to establish a cutting-edge facility in Kenya, ensuring efficient operations while meeting the highest international benchmarks,” said Prashantha Dias, Director, of Printcare Packaging East Africa Ltd.

Printcare’s partnership with ALP signifies a landmark collaboration, leveraging ALP’s grade A warehouse facilities to enhance Printcare’s operational capabilities in the East African market. This collaboration emphasizes ALP’s dedication to facilitating global-standard infrastructure and fostering economic growth in the region.

“The selection of our park by a globally recognized company like Printcare underlines the quality and strategic advantages our facilities offer,” expressed Richard Hough, CEO at Africa Logistics Properties. “ALP remains dedicated to surpassing compliance criteria, ensuring our partners operate at the highest international standards.”

The demand for top-tier warehouses in Africa presently outweighs the supply, according to Knight Frank’s quarterly report, The Africa Industrial Market Dashboards. The trend has seen a consistent 80% occupancy rate of Kenya’s purpose-built facilities, covering for gaps across the continent, in countries like Nigeria, where a shortfall of 300,000m2 exists.

The surge in interest from prominent global players solidifies the park’s reputation as the preferred hub for state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics solutions in the region. The park’s strategic location, coupled with its modern infrastructure and unparalleled services, further positions it as the go-to destination for businesses seeking efficient and cutting-edge logistics solutions.

ALP continues to invest in enhancing its facilities and services, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the logistics and warehousing industry. Its ALP West Logistics development comprises 100,000m2 of Grade A warehousing space on 49 acres of zoned and serviced land. The company’s commitment to sustainability, technology integration, and client satisfaction sets it apart as an industry leader.

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