Are HINO Trucks The Best Fit For Your Business?

by Business Watch Team

HINO trucks, manufactured by HINO Motors, Ltd., and distributed by HINO Kenya, the commercial vehicle division of Toyota Kenya, have time and again proved to be the multipurpose vehicles for all kinds of business.

HINO understands the Kenyan terrain well hence their dedication to provide tough and resilient trucks that accomplish tasks without breaking your bank. The trucks are durable, have high-end engines with optimal power output, and unmatched fuel efficiency. HINO manufacturers have further ensured their vehicles come with genuine parts that guarantee a service interval of up to 7,500 Km

HINO Kenya ensures that all the spare parts for their trucks are readily available across the country. Regardless of the model of your HINO truck, you will find its parts in Toyota outlets all over the country. All the stocked parts pass through quality control standards before they are categorized as genuine HINO parts, thus bringing out the best performance in all their trucks.

Due to the continuous improvement in the HINO trucks, we slowly minimize damages to the trucks. Apart from the availability of genuine spare parts, consumers are guaranteed low maintenance vehicles. Another advantage is that because the service dealers are many and spread across Kenya.

Among the HINO brands available in the market are the HINO 500 and HINO 300 series. The HINO 500 guarantees ergonomic comfort, powerful driving performance, and high durability. The series comes with a steady, dependable torque and unbeatable toughness. In terms of appearance, the truck is enhanced with an exterior design recreated to become bold and more dynamic. Safety has not been left out as the HINO 500 series is equipped with an antilock braking system, a traction control system, a driver’s side airbag, and also the truck has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) @ 10.4T which gives it a longer wheelbase.

The 300 series has low emissions with fuel efficiency. The engine is turbocharged to enhance power output. Nonetheless, the front suspension incorporates a multi-leaf spring attached directly to the front end of the bracket, which, in turn, is riveted to the frame. The stabilizers are lengthened with a link bracket maintaining high effectiveness and stability.

HINO 300 series cabins have been rigidly enhanced with side door beams and the  front pillars that give drivers good visibility and makes pedestrians and cyclists easier to spot. These are the improvements that have set the 500 and 300 series as some of HINO’s most affordable and cost-effective trucks. For every new unit, HINO offers a free service of up to 50,000 Km. Both models also come with an attractive warranty of 24/36 months. HINO Kenya also offers free driver training and refresher courses as and when the need arise for every new HINO purchased..

Guided by the mantra Buy Kenya Build Kenya, HINO Kenya continues to locally assemble more models to meet the needs of the Kenyan market. Both the HINO 500 and 300 series have found their way into various sectors. For instance, HINO is now a key player in the agricultural sector where its trucks are used in the milling, livestock, fresh produce, and fisheries industry. 

 HINO trucks come at competitive prices that are friendly to the pocket with a guaranteed return on investment. The availability of finance options makes owning one an even sweeter deal. You can own a HINO truck and pay in affordable monthly installments. For more information on this, you can reach out to HINO by sending an email to

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