Basic Things To Do When Buying A Car In Mombasa

by Business Watch Team

Cases of people losing cash and lives while going to buy cars have been on the increase. Most Kenyans buy cars from Mombasa City because it is believed that cars there are more affordable than in any other place.

Here are the basic things to do if you are going to buy a car in Mombasa:

Do not carry cash. Never should you ever walk around with cash when going to buy a car. If the car seller asks you the mode of payment, mention bank transfer and never cash. The moment you mention cash m, you start giving some of the unscrupulous ones ideas on how to mug you.

Never pay before seeing the car. You may need that car very badly but that shouldn’t be the reason for you to pay without seeing the car. Make sure that you have seen the car and pay only after the necessary papers have been signed.

Never go alone. It is advised that when going to buy a car, you get accompanied by at least two of your friends for “security” purposes. Going alone increases the chances of you being conned. Among those you choose to go with, one should have knowledge of the car you are planning to buy.

Insist on a test drive before paying. Never pay for a car that you haven’t tested. Insist that you test it by driving it around, analyze how it “behaves” before deciding to pay for it. Do not be in a hurry. The money is yours. Why hurry to lose it?

Travel on the same day to and fro. If you are going to buy a car in Mombasa, go there the same day, buy the car and get back home the same day. If you must spend the night there, make sure the seller of the car doesn’t know. It might give him some “strange” ideas.

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