Buy A Mulika Mwizi For Your Loved Ones This Festive Season

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Nokia 105

If you thought the reign of feature phones, otherwise known as Mulika Mwizi is done and dusted, then you are in for a rude shock. It is like they never left and are always here and around, watching over us.

The coming of smartphones was seen as the last nail in the coffin of feature phones. But no. In Kenya’s rural areas, and even in urban areas, especially among the elderly and low-income households, feature phones are still the kings and queens.

In a surprise turn of events, the current youngster has also become a darling of a Mulika Mwizi. Realizing this, phone manufacturers are coming up with more beautiful and interesting Mulika Mwizis than ever before.

One of the greatest Mulika Mwizi makers is HMD Global; talking about Nokia. Here are 10 Nokia Mulika Mwizi phones you can buy your loved ones this Christmas season:

Nokia 105 Classic (2023)

Nokia 105 Classic features a solid, modern design that fits perfectly in your hand, while the inherent color minimizes the visibility of scratches. Listen to news, sports, and entertainment on the go with the wireless FM radio – without a headset.

Nokia 110 Africa Edition

Choose a phone made for entertainment, featuring an MP3 player that lets you store up to 8,000 songs¹ and a wireless FM radio, so you can catch your favorite broadcasts on the move.

A rear-view camera lets you capture life’s best bits, and four pre-loaded games – including classic Snake – will give you the perfect excuse to unwind.

Nokia 105 Africa Edition

Discover the phone that’s built to be loved – with a molded design that’s scratch and bump-resistant and available in a range of colors. An FM wireless radio lets you listen on the move, and the all-day battery lifetime will let you talk for hours.

A built-in torch will ensure you never get caught in the dark, and there’s enough storage capacity for 2,000 contacts and 500 SMS.

Nokia 5310

Never miss a beat with the Nokia 5310. Let the music flow with the MP3 player1 and FM radio and hear every call with the powerful dual front-facing speakers. Stay connected with a battery life that’s there for you day after day. And keep it fresh with a revamped design of an old favorite.

Nokia 800 Tough

The heavy-duty usage Nokia 800 Tough can withstand harsh conditions. It comes with a long-lasting battery, 4G LTE internet connectivity, as well as all of the essentials: a camera, a flashlight, and support for apps like Google Maps and WhatsApp.

Nokia 8110 4G

With Nokia 8110 4G, you get the ease of connecting to your favorite apps and games faster with 4G LTE, all without compromising its powerful multi-day battery life. Plus, its 2.4″ screen built into a unique curved design means it will stand out in a crowd.

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