CA Launches Strategic Plan To Spearhead Digital Inclusion

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Strategic Plan

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has officially launched its 5th Strategic Plan that will provide a roadmap for the authority and all Kenyans on digital access as well as infrastructure across the country.

The launch of the strategic plan by CA comes at a time when the country has enhanced efforts to ensure that all Kenyans have access to digital services including but not limited to converting all government services to be accessed digitally via platforms such as e-Citizen.

Building on the successes and lessons of the 4th Strategic Plan, the Authority has set its eyes on an ambitious journey to Kenya’s digital future with a guard vision of digital access for all. The 5th Strategic Plan which is set to be in place till 2027, holds that promise, powered by a mission of enabling a suitable digital society through responsive regulation.

Speaking during the launch, the Cabinet Secretary for ICT Eliud Owalo called on all stakeholders within and without the communications sector to join hands and ensure that the dream of making Kenya a fully digital-savvy is realized within the shortest time possible.

“As a country, we have made huge progress in putting in place mechanisms that will take us forward digitally. I am glad that the Communications Authority has always risen to the occasion with initiatives and roadmaps such as this 5Th Strategic Plan. This is like our constitution, a guide that will take us where we want to go,” said the CS.

At the same time, while speaking at the same event, David Mugonyi, the Director General of CA reiterated the importance of the Strategic Plan and why it was the best plan to guide Kenya towards a bright digital future. He said the Authority is keen to implement all that the Strategic Plan has stated.

“This strategic direction is the product of a deliberate, detailed, and inclusive process that has benefitted from the collective wisdom of the CA Board, Senior Management, staff, sectoral stakeholders, industry players, technical experts, and above all, our parent ministry, which has provided policy direction. Kenya’s ICT ambitions have never been greater or as urgent as they are today. This Strategic Plan is set in the context of the most progressive policy frameworks in Kenya’s history, the Bottom-Up Economic Transformational Agenda, the National ICT Policy 2020, and the fourth Medium Term Plan of Vision 2030, all of which envision ICT as a leading player in the economic transformation of our country,” said Mr. Mugonyi.

According to the Authority, the Strategic Plan seeks to deliver the government’s bottom-up economic transformation agenda through four strategic goals – meaningful ICT connectivity, consumer empowerment and protection, fostering competitive ICT markets and emerging technologies, and improving organizational efficiency.

To realize the four strategic goals, the Authority will focus its energies on seven key result areas – ICT infrastructure and services, consumer protection, consumer empowerment, competitive markets, emerging technologies, institutional excellence, and environmental sustainability.

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