Commodities Whose Cost Has Risen By More Than 30% In 5 Months

by Business Watch Team

Kenyans across social media platforms are protesting about the cost of food. They are furious and using #LowerFoodPrices all over social media. One would think they just woke up and realized that the cost of food is through the roof.

In the past few months, the cost of basic commodities in Kenya has risen exponentially. Kenyans are paying through the nose for common goods that they need to survive. Those we elected to take care of us are the ones milking us to death.

This piece looks at the top 5 common commodities whose prices have increased by more than 30 percent in just 5 months:

Cooking Oil

This is the new gold. Cooking oil in Kenya has increased by more than 90 percent in 5 months. A liter of cooking oil that was 105 shillings 5 months ago is now nearing 350 shillings, the highest since independence. The price is three times that of a liter of petrol.


A 2-kilogram sugar is now retailing at 285 shillings from 210 shillings. There is no explanation behind this instant surge in the prices of sugar apart from “some factories in Western Kenya have been shut to pave way for maintenance.


The price of tomatoes increased by 100 percent. Five months ago, 10 shillings would give you 2 to 3 tomatoes. Currently, one tomato is going for between 15 and 20 shillings. This can be blamed on low production but more so, on the high cost of production.

Milk and bread

The price of bread and milk has gone by by at least 15 shillings compared to how the price was 5 months ago. The rice in bread prices has been blamed on the increased cost of wheat while that of milk has been blamed on the long dry season. But we all know those who control these sectors.

Cooking gas

The price of cooking gas has increased by at least 35 percent compared to how it was 5 months ago. This was a huge setback and irony to the government that wants all Kenyans to embrace clean cooking by the year 2030

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