Controlling Noise In Nairobi Is More Than Shutting Bars

by Business Watch Team

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja ordered all clubs in “residential” areas to be shut down and bars and restaurants to stop playing loud music by 10 pm. The governor said that clubs will only be allowed to operate within the Central Business District (CBD).

Despite the fact that the governor means well for the people of Nairobi in terms of fighting loud noises from these clubs, his directive failed to effectively define “residential area” given that in Nairobi, people stay anywhere including on top of the same club.

The governor also failed to explain to the Kenyan police, in simple and less complicated language so that they understand. Kenyan police are always a special breed that always delivers the opposite of what is directed by the authorities.

With President William Ruto saying that he wants Kenya Revenue Revenue Authority (KRA) to increase revenue from 12 percent to 25 percent, shutting down bars and clubs, one of the greatest earners of revenue for the government is a grave mistake.

The Governor of Nairobi fails to understand that fighting noise pollution in Nairobi goes beyond shutting down bars and clubs. Nairobi is home to churches that seem to believe that for one to be heard by the Creator, he or she has to shout on top of their voice.

If we are going to shut down noisy bars and clubs, then it is only fare that we also tame noisy churches. Churches in residential areas are shouting more than the clubs with loud music and murderous prayers that can burst the eardrums of the devil himself.

There are noisy churches in residential areas that have made living a whole hell. They conduct endless Keshas overnight, singing and playing like the person they send prayers to is deaf. But bars and clubs have to be shut because “honest men and women of God” are in power.

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