Crown Paints Moves Tap Into Eastleigh Rich Market

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Crown Paints

Paint manufacturer Crown Paints over the weekend held a town hall meeting with Somali property developers in Eastleigh in a strategic move to tap into their market. The Somali property developers have gained a significant presence in the property market in a move to address the housing shortage in the country.

Crown Paints Group Chief Operations Officer Richard Muturi while addressing over 50 property developers during the forum, noted that over the years, the Somali community in Kenya has played a very significant role in contributing to the country’s economy, culture, and politics. “This community plays a very significant role in shaping the country’s political landscape with several members holding important positions in the government”, Muturi added.

The event was graced by the area member of parliament Yusuf Hassan who called on more business entities to invest in Eastleigh as it was now a peaceful area with a lot of business potential, sentiments that were echoed by the chief executive officer of Eastleigh Business District Association Mohamed Adan.

The Townhall meeting provided a platform for Crown Paints to educate the community on its diverse products and services that range from texture finishes to decorative and automotive paints, among others.

Muturi urged the community to explore variety while choosing paints for their infrastructure development and assured them of value added from Crown Paints. “I stand before you to emphasize the indispensable value of uncompromising quality in every facet of our endeavors.

Whether in products, services, or personal conduct, we are committed to excellence and a high standard of success”, he explained.

The COO said the firm has rolled out 10 new products to the market, including new cement-based texture paints, water-based paints, gloss, wood topcoats, thermoplastic night glow paints, and fire shield paints, all tailored to meet the market’s diverse needs.

He said the paint industry was flooded, there was a need for customers to be more informed and look out for quality, affordable, and durable paint while making a purchase to save on cost.

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