Discounted Jikokoa Classic Delivery Now Free to Your Home

by Business Watch Team

Your favorite partner on clean cooking products- Burn Manufacturing- is now giving you an incredible deal on all Jikokoa Classic cookstoves, countrywide.

With the new offer, you get a Ksh. 700 discount on a single Jikokoa Classic, available in all supermarkets. The offer will remain valid while stock lasts, across Kenya.

Besides, you stand to gain from Burn’s free home delivery of Jikokoa Classic orders to every part of the country.

One Jikokoa Classic stove retails at Ksh 3,290 and with it, users is able to save up to 80% of their charcoal. It is a great boost to everyone’s desire to minimize fuel costs which in turn contributes to the greater good of saving our trees from excessive wood harvesting. 

Jikokoa Classic’s use is healthy

Using Jikokoa Classic to prepare meals at home saves the user from toxic smoke by at least 62%. This is great value for anyone’s money especially in this COVID 19 crisis where respiratory health is a key health aspect to all of us.

Experience a whole new level of clean cooking with Jikokoa Classic by making your order here at your convenience.  If you are a city dweller, you can also share this love with your family and relatives back upcountry.

Once purchased, your Jikokoa Classic comes with a one year warranty which gives you the privilege for free services for the jiko throughout the warranty period.

The Jikokoa Classic clean cooking stove contributes to the reduction of deaths of persons due to air pollution caused by polluting stoves which now stands at 21,560 annually.

Without a doubt, most households in rural Kenya still use the three-stone open fire to prepare meals. That should gradually be a thing of the past with Jikokoa Classics save for households. The stove supersedes many wood and kerosene stoves which emit more smoke and are neither fuel-efficient.

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