eBee Africa Contributed Over 193,000 Kilograms Of CO2 Savings In 2023

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E-mobility company, eBee has announced a significant reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions achieved through its e-bicycles in 2023.

In a remarkable stride toward environmental sustainability, eBee’s e-bicycles traversed a combined distance of over 1.5 million kilometers, contributing significantly to reducing carbon emissions with over 193,000 kilograms saved in CO2 emissions.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated in the month-to-month breakdown of CO2 savings. January marked the beginning of the year with 7,140 kilograms of CO2 saved, steadily increasing to an impressive 24,117 kilograms in December. This progressive trajectory showcases the growing popularity and adoption of eBee’s e-bicycles as a preferred mode of environmentally responsible transportation.

It further highlights the positive impact of embracing sustainable transportation options and a commitment to mitigating climate change.

“At eBee we are not just a company, we are a movement towards sustainable living. The CO2 savings achieved through our electric bicycles showcase the immediate impact individuals can have on the environment by making mindful transportation choices,” said Olivia Lamenya, General Manager, of eBee Africa.

With urbanization on the rise and cities grappling with traffic congestion, electric bicycles are growing to be a symbol of sustainable mobility in Africa. This now reinforces the urgent need for comprehensive, inclusive, and clean transportation solutions, and eBee stands as a testament to the transformative power of electric bicycles in meeting these challenges head-on.

“This data not only underscores the immediate impact of choosing electric bicycles over traditional transportation but also emphasizes the pivotal role that individual choices in urban mobility can play in creating a more environmentally conscious society. eBee Africa’s dedication to sustainability goes beyond numbers, reflecting a profound commitment to shaping a cleaner and healthier world for current and future generations,” added Olivia

Reflecting on the achievements of 2023, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to people and the planet. With a growing middle class and the swift rise of quick commerce, eBee expects an even greater impact this year, supporting a greener and more sustainable future for urban mobility in Africa.

As eBee Africa strides towards its vision of having one million electric bicycles on the road by 2030, the company stands as a key player in sustainable urban mobility. The CO2 savings serve as a testament to the immediate impact and transformative potential of eBee Africa’s electric bicycles.

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