Epson Abandons The Use Of All Fossil Fuels

by Business Watch Team

Seiko Epson Corporation has become the first in its sector to fully adopt renewable energy sources for all its operations worldwide as of December 2023. This shift to green energy covers their entire global network, including their facilities in Japan.

Annually, Epson’s electricity consumption totals around 876 GWh. By transitioning to renewable sources, the company anticipates reducing its carbon emissions by about 400,000 tonnes yearly.

Epson’s ambitious environmental goals, outlined in their Environmental Vision 2050, include becoming carbon-negative and eliminating the use of underground resources. The switch to renewable electricity is a crucial step towards achieving these goals.

Epson first announced its commitment to this green transition in March 2021, aiming for complete reliance on renewable energy by 2023. They achieved this goal in Japan by November 2021 and globally by December 2023.

“Beyond just using renewable energy, Epson is committed to promoting its broader adoption. This includes generating renewable energy and fostering new energy sources through collaborative efforts. Epson also plans to reduce energy usage in production and products and to advance in recycling resources, furthering its commitment to environmental sustainability”, said Epson’s Regional Head for East and West Africa Mukesh Bector,

The journey towards 100% renewable energy began in March 2021, with Epson’s public commitment. By April 2021, the company had transitioned to renewable energy in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The transition was complete in Japan by November 2021 and globally by December 2023.

Yasunori Ogawa, Epson’s Global President, highlighted the company’s longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship. Epson has been protecting the environment for over eighty years, including initiatives like preserving Lake Suwa and being the first company to eliminate CFCs from manufacturing. Achieving 100% renewable electricity usage in under three years from their 2021 commitment reflects Epson’s dedication to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Ogawa emphasized that while striving for societal sustainability is challenging, Epson remains committed to creative and determined efforts in addressing these issues.

Epson continues to drive innovation that aligns with its efficiency, compactness, and precision philosophy. The company aims to enrich lives and contribute positively to the world through sustainable practices, working hand in hand with customers and partners towards a sustainable future.

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