For Every Samsung Product, Customer Satisfaction Is At The Center of Everything

by Business Watch Team

Trust—difficult to earn and very easy to lose—is valuable currency: for 71% of consumers, it’s unlikely that they will buy from a company they no longer trust; of that group of consumers, the vast majority (73%) say they would spend much less to purchase products or services from a company they do not trust. A great brand cultivates trust through customer appreciation, not by word of mouth but by tremendous and tangible products and services.

In the current world, where customer preferences keep shifting without warning, and innovation and competition are the driving forces, Samsung has emerged as a global leader for its cutting-edge products, steadfast commitment to quality, and unwavering dedication to customer appreciation.

For years, Samsung Electronics has laid a culture that places a premium on delivering products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Undoubtedly, the first rule of appreciating your customers is giving them the best products that speak value for their money.

The company has ingrained a commitment to quality in its operational DNA, ensuring that every product with the Samsung Electronics name undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes. From revolutionary smartphones like the Galaxy AI to home appliances such as washing machines, Samsung strives for excellence in design, performance, and durability.

According to Samsung Electronics, understanding the views of customers is crucial in determining what product ideas/features are effective and what needs improvement. Samsung Electronics says it produces every product after studying the customers’ needs and has never come up with a product that does not marry into customers’ needs.

Harvard Business Review has nothing but great words when describing Samsung’s journey in creating products that make clients see their value. The Review says Samsung chose to develop a committed, resourceful crop of designers who figured out that they could manage the tensions and overcome internal resistance by deploying the same tools they use to pursue innovation—empathy, visualization, and experimentation in the marketplace.

Those who have interacted with Samsung’s products for years will tell you that Samsung’s customer-centric approach goes beyond just creating top-notch products; it extends to providing exceptional after-sales service. The company understands that the customer experience doesn’t end with the purchase but continues throughout the product’s lifecycle. Samsung has established a global network of customer service centres, ensuring that assistance is readily available whenever and wherever needed. Whether troubleshooting technical issues or providing guidance on product usage, Samsung’s customer support is renowned for its responsiveness and effectiveness.

In 2018, to put the customer at the center of every product and service offered, Samsung revealed that it was refocusing its innovation and communications from technology-first to customer-first. This is illustrated in its current ‘Human Nature’ campaign, which uses the strapline ‘Do What You Can’t’, and highlights how its products document and help people overcome odds.

The truth is that Samsung often actively seeks and incorporates customer feedback into its product development cycle. Through surveys, online forums, and other channels, the company gathers valuable insights from users, using this information to refine existing products and shape the direction of future innovations. This iterative approach demonstrates Samsung’s recognition of the importance of a symbiotic relationship with its customer base.

In addition to focusing on quality and customer support, Samsung has implemented various loyalty programs and initiatives to express gratitude to its customers. These may include exclusive discounts, special events, or early access to product launches. By acknowledging and rewarding customer loyalty, Samsung builds a solid brand-consumer relationship and creates a sense of community among its user base.

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