Google Meet’s Noise Cancellation Feature to Give Zoom a Headache

by Business Watch Team

By Brian Wafula

You’ve probably had this nasty experience of those annoying sounds in the background when on a zoom teleconference.

Well, Google meet has worked on it and has a tool in place for noise cancellation. This new feature utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to filter off background noises from a person speaking.

However the noise cancellation is being introduced as a ‘denoiser’ and not a means to totally do away with background sounds ultimately.

If someone not in the Meet meeting but in a range of a person acting in a Meet meeting speaks, then the tool takes this as a legitimate speech and won’t cancel the sounds from the third party.

With this feature at hand, Meet can then move close to the heels of Zoom which has had most usage amidst its high demand in these times of coronavirus.

In comparison to Meet, Zoom has noise cancellation to filter out keyboard taps and doesn’t look as advanced as Google’s AI-driven tech tool. This can help Meet an advantage when it comes to being the best Zoom alternatives.

The rollout for this tool has already started with first priority being given to G Suite enterprise clients. Once completely rolled out, the noise cancellation will automatically be enabled but you would like to verify its workability and can be accessed in the Meet audio settings where you can toggle the feature on and off.

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