Here Is An App That Sends Selfies Of Your Smartphone Thief

by Business Watch Team

Imagine someone stealing your smartphone within a crowded city like Nairobi. You have no idea who took it. You remain drowning in a pool of humans, confused, not knowing what to do. Then you remember that you have a secret app on your phone that works magic.

You remember that you have an app called Xecure, a magical mobile app that simultaneously takes selfies of the thief without their knowledge and sends them to your email. This helps you know exactly who stole your phone and makes it easy for the police to track down the thief.

But even before you arrive at a selfie stage, the Xecure app sets in motion an alarm that immediately alerts you of unauthorized access to your phone. The alarm is loud enough to jolt you to reality about your phone. It is also loud enough to scare the thief and through them into confusion.

What is more, Xecure has a feature that alerts and sends you data immediately after your SIM card is removed and replaced with another. It sends you the details of the new SIM hence helping with the investigation and identification process. This is one of the kinds of technology to ever be launched on the Kenyan market.

Why do you need Xecure for your smartphone?

Your smartphone is dear to you. It has all your data and some fond memories in terms of photos and videos. It is something that you never want to let go of without a plan.

It is always expensive to buy another smartphone, especially when the one you have is stolen. People rarely budget for a new phone unless it is extremely necessary. You need Xecure to always keep it safe.

Xecure is affordable and anyone can have it. You can take a one-off offer or an annual plan and always Xecure your smartphone.

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