Here Is Your Business’s Path to Secure and Accurate Speech-To-Text Services

by Business Watch Team

In a world where people are overwhelmed by the spoken word, many industries have shifted their focus to outsourcing transcription services as video and podcasting become the dominant forms of rhetoric.

The demand for these services has exploded over the years thanks to improved technology and the need by various industries such as the legal, medical, and business sector to convert audio and video into readily available text.

With the availability of online transcription services, this process of transcript production has been greatly expedited resulting in the provision of premium text content essential for industrial efficiency.

One such example of an online transcription service provider is Ajjin Transcription. It is a speech-to-text service geared at offering critical language tools for businesses, large and small. The company provides a comprehensive resource for those who are searching for an economical but high-quality source to meet their organization’s transcription needs.

Various industries such as management and consulting, law, academia, media, and medicine have specific but complex transcription requirements. In addition, much of the work that needs to be converted into text is often sensitive and confidential and is the reason why organizations are skeptical about outsourcing transcription services unless they are guaranteed of utmost data privacy and security.

Ajjin Transcription has implemented a high level of data control and protection at every level. The service provider has a range of security procedures carried out before, during, and after every transcription project. There is no regular auditing or remote access to the client’s sensitive files except only when an expert is on-site working. 

To complement its data privacy policies and security of a client’s files, Ajjin Transcription is made up of a team of professionals with a wealth of experience garnered through rigorous training and consistent familiarization with international accents and terminologies.

By combining the various security measures, its implementation of industry compliance, human resource talent, and technology integration, Ajjin Transcription is better placed at meeting the demands of most enterprises today.

The value and potential of technology are crucial in many markets today, and transcriptions are available in a variety of audio and video files to satisfy the many programs and operating systems that are in use across the globe. As such, Ajjin Transcription utilizes high-end transcription equipment and software to facilitate the highest standard of accuracy. With clear audio or video content, it can deliver up to 99% level of accuracy.

Regarding the pricing, Ajjin Transcription has custom quotes created for each project taking into account the nature and complexity of the work, as well as the requested turnaround time and any special formatting the client might require. Of utmost importance, however, is the creation of premium actionable transcripts promptly, which is imperative in time-sensitive situations such as business deals, property sales, news conversion, or court proceedings.

That said, if you or your business needs the accuracy of a real person doing the transcribing but have only hours of turnaround time to spare, Ajjin Transcription could be a good option. It consistently returns easy-to-read transcripts with impeccable quality. To see how Ajjin Transcription could assist your organization, visit

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