Hiace CKD Assembly Line Commissioned In Mombasa

by Business Watch Team

Toyota Kenya has added to their assembly lines with the Hiace CKD line at the Associated Vehicle Assemblers Mombasa.

The Automotive sector aims to grow its share of the GDP from 9.2 percent to 15 percent by 2022, in line with the ”Buy Kenya Build Kenya” policy.

The Hiace CKD assembly line is very instrumental as it demonstrates our commitment to growing the automotive sector and increasing assembled models from 4-10. Said Mr. Arvinder Reel, Toyota Kenya Managing Director.

“Our local operations at the AVA assembly plant in Mombasa use local content, therefore, providing a boost to the local value chain with forwarding & backward linkages. The key items include paints, lubricants, coolants, radiator hoses, batteries, exhaust pipes, air cleaners, springs, bolts, windscreens & tires.”

Over time, the local assembly will provide opportunities for the localization of components used in the assembly of vehicles. This will further develop the local content supply chain through the manufacturing of local parts. In addition, it will offer technology transfer and skills upgrade for local technical staff in line with Toyota best practices,” he added.

The addition of the Hiace assembly line at AVA further entrenches Toyota Kenya’s commitment to supporting the growth of the manufacturing sector, one of the key pillars under the National Government’s Big Four Agenda. The auto industry firm already assembles 200 Hino trucks, 1,200 Hilux pick-ups, and 700 Land Cruiser pick-ups (currently used by the National Police Service and the Tour operators) annually.

Apart from assembling locally, Toyota Kenya has a network of over 31 authorized dealers and service centers across the country that ensure consumer vehicles get genuine spare parts and professional aftersales service for their vehicles.

To ensure consumers can drive brand new vehicles with ease we have partnered with credible financial institutions to offer up to 95% for the Hiace.

By having the National Automotive Policy in place, the cost of brand-new vehicles will significantly go down. This will give many Kenyans an opportunity to own new vehicles. In addition, it will create more jobs through the increased local component manufacturing to support the assembly plants.

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