How Carrefour Ensures That Its Veges Are Always Fresh

by Business Watch Team
Carrefour Kenya

Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables? Who doesn’t relish the smell of earthy goodness emanating from fruits and vegetables straight from the farm? In Kenya, the quest for freshness has become more than just a preference; it’s a conscious choice reflecting customers’ growing awareness of food origin and environmental impact.

In this pursuit of freshness and sustainability, Carrefour – which Majid Al Futtaim owns the exclusive rights to operate in Kenya – has emerged as a beacon, pioneering a significant stride towards transparency and ethical sourcing in Kenyan retail. Partnering with Tigoni Grown Limited, a local agricultural enterprise, Carrefour has brought farm-fresh produce directly to its shelves, catering to the discerning needs of customers across Nairobi and beyond.

The journey began in 2017 when Carrefour Kenya and Tigoni Grown joined hands, starting with a modest supply of tomatoes. Over time, the collaboration has grown to encompass over 150 stock-keeping units (SKUs) today. Charles Orora, CEO of Tigoni Grown, reflects on this journey, highlighting the growth from a handful of products to a diverse range sourced from over 350 farmers.

What sets this partnership apart is its emphasis on direct sourcing. Tigoni Grown procures produce directly from farmers, ensuring a fair market and empowering local growers. With approximately 160 farmers actively engaged at any given time, the production chain remains unbroken, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

At the heart of Tigoni Grown’s operations lie eco-friendly agricultural practices that preserve soil health and minimize pesticide use. Every step, from sprawling fields to carefully tended greenhouses, is monitored to uphold stringent sustainability standards.

George Ndegwa Kariuki, a farmer under Tigoni Grown’s wing, attests to the transformative impact of this collaboration. With his farm in Naivasha, George produces a variety of vegetables, meticulously graded to ensure only the finest reach the shelves. Carrefour’s commitment to market access is unparalleled for him and many others, providing a lifeline for local farmers.

Beyond mere transactions, the partnership symbolizes a shared vision for a more sustainable future beyond the shelves. Carrefour and Tigoni Grown set a precedent for responsible business practices in the retail industry by bridging the gap between farm and shelf. It’s a partnership rooted in principles of fairness, transparency, and environmental stewardship—a partnership that genuinely bears fruit for all involved.

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