How To Take Care Of Your Pet

by Business Watch Team

You may be wondering why this article is on this website when it is supposed to be “all business”. If you are wondering about this, perhaps you are the best person that this article is targeting. So, sit down and read.

Many people love keeping pets in their homes but few know how to take care of them. I have witnessed many pets within and without Nairobi go through the worst of treatment by those who claim to own them.

I have experienced life in the United States of America and in Kenya. The Americans have a unique love for pets and treat them with the respect that they deserve. In fact, some Americans love their pets so much that when they draft their will, they add their pets to the list of beneficiaries.

In Kenya, the story is different. In Nairobi, most people own pets, not because they want it but as a sign of showoff, a symbol of status with no knowledge of taking care of them.

Why would you buy a pet and tie it on the balcony of your rented two-bedroomed house somewhere in Mathare, on a scorching sun the whole day? Animals are living things and deserve to be treated as such. If you can’t, then don’t rare them.

Here is how to take care of your pets

Give them healthy food: Pets, just like human beings need healthy foods to survive. Not every food is fit for your pet. There are foods designed with nutritional value for dogs and for cats. Both cannot eat the same. For instance, why would you rare a pet and be feeding it with your food leftovers daily?

At the same time, your pets require different food from older ones. You need an expert to guide you through what kind of food is good for your pet. Don’t just buy a pet because you have seen your neighbor with one.

Your pet needs access to clean and fresh water. Your pet should have access to clean and fresh water 24/7. Pets such as dogs and cats feel thirsty too. As I said, they are living things. If you must have one, give it unlimited access to drinking water. You cannot leave your pet without water for 24 hours and walk around like you are normal. No.

Give your pets some good shelter. Your pet shouldn’t sleep on a cold cemented floor. If you cannot provide it with a cozy shelter, please leave it to those who can. Most pets are cool and easy to train. Train them on how to utilize whatever you provide as shelter. Do not let them sleep outside in the cold.

Pets need bathroom breaks. This sounds funny but it is the truth. Both puppies and cats often need bathroom breaks during different times of the day. Buy things such as potty for your pets and train them to use them. At the same time, get them some clean litter box for them to roam and run around the living room as they place things in it.

Let your pet have regular exercises. In the United States of America, most homes have employed people, especially for the purpose of walking their pets for exercise. Once in a while, take your pet out for it to breathe some fresh air and exercise. The best time to walk your pets is early in the morning or in the evening. Not on a scorching sun.

Pets require to visit doctors regularly. Your pet must have an appointment animal doctor that you take to them for regular checkups. Remember, pets are not human to communicate with you when they are unwell. It is you, as their owner, to read the signs and there is no better way than taking them to the doctor.

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