Is Covid-19 Scientific Or The Fulfilment Of The Scriptures?

by Business Watch Team

When the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the world, nobody knew what had hit them. There was confusion all over. There were travel restrictions, supply disruptions, and the new normal of doing things around the world set in, and every country fell in.

There was an eminence of economies around the world collapsing as supplies were cut out and hospitals were overwhelmed. People lost their lives (they continue dying as the common average deaths per day globally is 7,000 according to the World Health Organization.)

But even as the world battled the pandemic, there emerged a conflict as to whether the interpretation of the virus was scientific or Biblical. Some said it was both while some held onto both. Others on either side and with time, speculations and fake news set in.

To help clear the air on some of these issues, the Shincheonji Church, an interreligious organization, held a press conference with journalists and answered some of the questions concerning the issue. According to the Chairman of Shincheonji Church, Lee Man Hee there is a similarity of what is happening today with what is written in the scriptures.

“There is a lot of relevance in what is happening today and what the Bible says. The book of Revelations has everything that the world needs to know and what was said in that book is what is happening,” said Chairman Lee.

According to Chairman Lee, there is a need for people around the world to read the signs through interpretations and through the scrutinization of the scriptures to know what is happening. “The book of Revelations has so many parables. It cannot be understood without much interpretation.” Said Chairman Lee.

Chairman Lee called on people around the world to stick to the truth and what the Bible says. He said his church is organizing a series of Seminars to break down the book of Revelations and what it means to the current world.

“We have different denominations around the world but what will make us move forward is knowing the truth and interpreting the scriptures,” he said.

The journalists who attended asked questions about the Revelation seminar and introduction seminar, which they heard objectively from the reporter’s point of view, and how they felt about Shincheonji. The chairman Man Hee Lee, who was directly present at the press conference, answered plans after the MOU and questions about the seminars clearly.

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