Is There Hope For Someone To Invest During Covid-19?

by Business Watch Team

Covid-19 has messed up everything. Businesses have shut down. People have lost their jobs. There is just hopelessness all over the country.

It is already July. Half of 2020 has already melted away. When the year started, people had so much hope and resolutions. Then it happened and now lives have never been the same.

2020 is still a challenging year in terms of investments. People who had cash to invest are still holding on it. They are afraid that if they invest, they might run into losses.

But can you still invest? What should you look for before investing? Is there hope for businesses in Kenya? Should people give up?

Experts from Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) through the Inuka SME training program say that there are so many opportunities and channels for one to invest but there is need to be careful.

Several businesses in Kenya have shut down because they failed, in the first 30 days of the pandemic to adapt to the changing trends.

According to Inuka SME program through KBA, the pandemic has presented an opportunity for businesses in Kenya and around the world to embrace the use of technology through E-commerce and going cashless.

“Businesses need also to take opportunity of free training sessions being offered by such institutions as KBA through Inuka SME,” said Mr. Francis Waithaka, the CEO and Founder of Digital4Africa.

“These free training sessions have amazing insights for businesses in Kenya to thrive. So many SMEs have benefited and majority of them have been prepared and even received funding,” he added.

Inuka SME is an initiative by Kenya Bankers Association that is aimed at training and equipping SMEs in Kenya to prepare them for challenges such as Covid-19 and how to sail through.

Inuka SME program also holds chats through their platform and other social media platforms where experts in various fields interact with SMEs, and answer their questions.

This Friday, Margaret Kimani, Head of Women and Youth Banking at SBM Bank will be unpacking “How to invest during Covid-19”. The chat will kick off at 10 am.

To register, click on this link and in less than a minute, you will be part of the team and ready to learn.

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