It Not The Clients That Matter But Your Employees

by Business Watch Team

You have probably heard the phrase that the “customer” is always right or that the “customer is the king and queen”.

Many entrepreneurs have taken this phrase to mean that it is only the client who matters in their business and nobody else.

The truth is the client is key in your business but the fact is it is not your client who matters but your employees.

If you treat your employees well, they will in turn treat your clients well and your business will flourish.

If you treat your employees like people who don’t matter, like people who are only if your company earns a living and that you are doing them a favor, they will transmit the same attitude to your clients.

Remember, if you think of your employees as useless and as people with no value, that is exactly what they will be.

Treating your employees well does not necessarily mean paying them well although that is one of the ways. Treating them well simply means appreciating any effort they put into your business to make it better.

The first thing to bring your employees closer is to build trust. Let your employees trust you. Be a person of your word. Trust is created in small things that we manage to keep. If you have a short memory, don’t promise things you know you will forget as soon as you finish talking.

When your employees trust you, they will create the same in your clients. Remember, customers don’t buy goods and services, they buy trust. Customers will build trust in your business through your employees. Trust is what makes customers come back after that first visit.

Be a leader. A leader leads from the front during a crisis and from the back when things are good. Don’t take credit which you know very well that it is not you but your employees who did it.

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Dear Entrepreneur, it is not the clients but your employees that matter February 11, 2018 - 3:30 am

[…] if you think of your employees as useless and as people with no value that is exactly what they will […]

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