Kenchic And Exide Chloride Lights The Chicks With Solar

by Business Watch Team

Kenchic, a pioneering force in the poultry industry, proudly announces the successful completion of a transformative solar power integration project in partnership with Chloride Exide. This initiative marks a substantial leap towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future for Kenya.

In a monumental achievement, Kenchic has seamlessly integrated a 1.32MW Grid Tie Solar Power System into its major plants; the Kenchic Hatchery and Kenchic Processing Plant. Designed to operate during daylight hours, this solar project is projected to generate an impressive 1,550MWh of energy, offsetting a substantial portion of Kenchic’s energy demands. This milestone achievement showcases Kenchic’s unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and responsible poultry production.

Established in 1984, Kenchic Ltd. has come a long way from its origins as a producer of day-old chicks to becoming a leading supplier of a wide range of processed chicken meat and further processed chicken products in Africa. The company’s growth has been underpinned by a strong belief in the interconnectedness of various aspects of poultry production, such as animal welfare, food safety, productivity, and consumer preferences. These principles have guided Kenchic’s journey towards responsible and sustainable poultry production which is a true testament to its purpose ‘to enable shared prosperity through sustainable food production’.

“As we mark the successful completion of this groundbreaking solar power integration project, Kenchic reaffirms its dedication to sustainability and eco-friendly operations. This initiative is not merely a technological advancement but a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and set new standards in responsible business practices. The solar project aligns seamlessly with our mission to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, making us a leader in the pursuit of a greener future for Kenya,” said Jim Tozer, Managing Director at Kenchic Ltd.

Charles Ngare, General Manager at Chloride Exide Ltd., also shared his thoughts on the just concluded project: “Our collaboration with Kenchic on this solar integration project underscores Chloride Exide’s commitment to providing innovative energy solutions that drive sustainable development. We are proud to bring our expertise in energy systems to complement Kenchic’s vision. This project is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and the impact that can be achieved when organizations unite to address environmental challenges. Together, we illuminate the path to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Kenya and we are proud to be associated with Kenchic and support their vision for a safer and more sustainable poultry industry.”

In pursuit of sustainability leadership and aligning with SDG Goal 12 to ‘Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns,’ Kenchic aims to solidify its position as a pioneer in eco-friendly practices within its operations. The solar power integration project is a testament to Kenchic’s commitment to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more environmentally conscious Kenya. Through the implementation of a grid-tie solar power system, Kenchic anticipates substantial cost reductions in its operational processes, showcasing a commitment to innovation for both sustainability and economic efficiency.

The collaboration between Kenchic and Chloride Exide goes beyond a traditional partnership. It represents a strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing the energy landscape in Kenya. Chloride Exide’s expertise in providing cutting-edge energy solutions perfectly complements Kenchic’s commitment to sustainability. This project underlines the shared vision of both organizations to drive positive environmental impact and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable future.

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