Kenyans To Benefit From Amotech Africa, Megger, And KETRACO Partnership

by Business Watch Team

Global electrical test equipment expert, Megger GMBH, working in conjunction with Amotech Africa, Africa’s leading test and measurement solutions provider, is supplying The Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO) with high-voltage cable test equipment.

The equipment will help to ensure the security, reliability, and efficiency of electricity supplies throughout the country.

The equipment will be used for verifying the performance of newly installed cables and for evaluating the condition of older cables so that potential faults can be identified before they lead to failures and supply interruptions.

The HV DAC-300 test set supplied for this project will be used for acceptance testing of new cables rated up to 230kV in line with the IEC 62067 and IEEE 400.4 standards, and for determining the condition of in-service cables.

PD testing provides invaluable information about the condition of the cable under test and its associated accessories and is widely accepted as giving the best ‘early warning’ indicators of potential cable failure.

“This project is very important to us because it is really part of Megger’s strategy to participate and support the improvement of the quality, reliability, and security of electricity supply in all Africa” explains Daniel Salathé, Sales Director Africa, India & Middle East at Megger.

The new HV DAC-300 test system will be an enormous help in maintaining the existing cable network. It will ensure that extensions to the network meet the highest standards for performance and reliability.

It is an incredibly versatile system with a wide range of capabilities which with the support and training from Megger and Amotech Africa, KETRACO will soon start to enjoy the benefits it offers and provide an even better service for users of electricity in Kenya.

“We’re delighted to have won this first of its kind order from KETRACO and are happy to be working with them as they prepare for a bigger role in O&M for the national grid,” said Njeri Gachanja, The Head of Sales and Operations at Amotech Africa and the lead engineer in this project.

“And to have been able to supply Africa’s first HV DAC test system by Megger. Thanks to Megger’s expertise and innovation in the cable test field, we are confident that this system will be very effective in saving time and money for KETRACO, and in minimizing the disruption caused by cable faults and failures. In short, it’s an excellent investment that will pay big returns!”

About Megger:

Megger has been a leader in electrical tests and measurement globally for 130 years. From power generation to the power outlets in your home, Megger products cover almost every application within the Electrical Supply Industry.

Our products are categorized into seven core application segments: cable test and diagnostics, protection relays and systems, circuit breakers, transformer test and diagnostics, low voltage installations, general electrical testing, and motor and generator testing.

We have manufacturing sites in various locations within Germany, the USA, the UK, and Sweden, with our headquarters based in Dover, UK, and sales offices across the globe. Megger has grown substantially through acquisitions, including Biddle Instruments (1936, Pennsylvania), Multi-Amp (1951, New Jersey), Programma (2007, Sweden), SebaKMT (2012, Germany), and more recently, Baker Instruments (2018, Fort Collins), to name but a few.

About Amotech Africa:

Amotech Africa was established in the year 2012. The firm’s core business is the provision of reliable test and measurement solutions, engineering services, and mechanical services.

Amotech Africa through its lab provides calibration and instrument repair services. Through its training arm, Amotech Africa offers technical support and knowledge on how to fully utilize different test, measurement, and safety solutions to its customers.

Amotech Africa’s Head office is in Nairobi, Kenya. The firm also has a presence in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Ethiopia, Burundi, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria.

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