Kenya’s Payment Landscape Gets A New Network Integration

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In a groundbreaking move, Sanduk, a leading player in Kenya’s emerging digital payment sector, has harnessed the power of the Fuse Network to provide an innovative solution that bridges the gap between traditional payment methods and the burgeoning demand for digital transactions in the country.

For years, Kenya’s economic landscape has been closely tethered to the availability of cash. However, a rapid transformation is underway as the current working-class population increasingly embraces digital services for their enhanced convenience, security, and cost-effectiveness. Recognizing this shift, Sanduk was created with the mission to offer Kenyans a reliable payment solution that aligns with their affinity for digital transactions.

Sanduk aims to foster financial inclusion within Kenya’s dynamic landscape by providing a digital payment solution that is accessible and easy to use. The platform empowers thousands of individuals who were previously excluded from the formal financial system, enabling them to participate in the digital economy seamlessly. With Sanduk, anyone with a smartphone can now enjoy the convenience of paying bills, shopping online, or sharing expenses with friends, anytime and anywhere.

By combining the flexibility of traditional wallets with the power of Web3 technology, Sanduk offers an intuitive platform that meets the needs of the modern Kenyan consumer. Leveraging the Fuse blockchain and decentralized networks, Sanduk ensures fast, low-cost, and secure transactions, reducing the risk of fraud and cutting down on transaction fees.

Sanduk utilizes FuseBox, a set of user-friendly tools and mobile-first interfaces, to streamline Web3 app development and enhance user adoption.

The platform is built and powered by the Fuse non-custodial wallet, offering benefits such as social logins, easy account recovery, gasless transactions, and a Digital Dollar stablecoin account.

Digital Dollars enable users to mitigate currency fluctuations in Kenya, allowing for saving, sending, receiving, and paying for goods and services in USD.

Strategic partnerships with Kenyan merchants facilitate seamless smartphone payments, bringing the benefits of blockchain to everyday transactions.

Integration with Kotani Pay ensures seamless conversions between KES and USDT, enhancing the overall user experience.

Sanduk’s success is underpinned by its integration with Fuse Network, a decentralized EVM-compatible public blockchain platform. Fuse Network simplifies Web3 development for operators and businesses, enabling the swift creation of apps like Sanduk without navigating the complexities of blockchain technology. The platform’s simplified APIs and SDKs provide superior payment infrastructure, allowing operators to leverage these tools without incurring high costs or facing slow processes.

Sanduk’s commitment to enhancing financial inclusion and providing a frictionless payment experience exemplifies the transformative potential of Fuse Network in Kenya’s evolving digital landscape.

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