LG Unveils New Styler That Straightens Garments And Significantly Reduces The Need For Ironing

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LG Electronics (LG) has introduced its new cutting-edge LG Styler, featuring a handheld, high-pressure steamer, Dynamic Moving Hanger™, and Dual TrueSteam™ technology. Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 in Las Vegas, USA, this advanced clothing care solution offers faster and more effective clothes-refreshing cycles with improved drying, dehumidification, and de-wrinkling performance. This groundbreaking innovation resonates with LG’s dedication to creating technologies that empower you to ‘Live your Moment’.

The high-pressure steamer within the LG Styler simplifies the process of removing wrinkles from shirts and garments, eliminating the need for a separate iron. Users can effortlessly hang their wrinkled clothes inside the styler and initiate the steam process with the touch of a button. The powerful, high-pressure steam penetrates garments, leaving them smooth and soft, significantly reducing the necessity for ironing1. Additionally, the compact size of the high-pressure handy steamer enhances convenience and allows for easy storage inside the Styler.

The exclusive Dynamic Moving Hanger system in the LG Styler caters to various garment types and fabrics, providing enhanced care compared to its predecessor. Unlike the Moving Hanger, the new system employs a Twisting Motion, a rotating mechanism that contributes to improved dust removal, deodorization, drying, and wrinkle mitigation. It also supports upgraded cycles, such as the Fine Dust cycle, which vigorously shakes clothing items to remove both large and fine dust particles.

Key to the new Styler is LG’s Dual TrueSteam technology, utilizing two heaters for precise control of steam spray volume and strength. This technology is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere, ensuring gentle fabric care through optimized steam-flow control. Dual TrueSteam excels in sanitizing, eliminating over 99.9 percent of germs and 11 harmful bacteria in clothing2.

The Styler incorporates a built-in ventilation system that automatically circulates air throughout the room and a dehumidification function capable of collecting up to 10 liters of moisture3, creating a pleasant indoor environment and preventing clothes from becoming damp after removal.

For added convenience, the Styler features a time-saving Pants Press with an upgraded hanging structure for sharper, wrinkle-free creases. The intuitive-to-use LCD touchscreen streamlines course selection for efficient management.

Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, highlighted the LG Styler as a versatile clothing care solution, ensuring optimal care for diverse fabrics and convenience for customers. As a pioneer in clothing care systems, LG aims to continually enhance the Styler’s capabilities, redefining wardrobe management and simplifying the task of keeping clothes fresh.

LG showcased the Styler among several dozen innovations at CES 2024. For more information, visit www.lg.com/ces2024 and LG Global YouTube channel.

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