Meet Ruth Yole , Fashion Designer, Photography Expert and Everything Art and Design

by Business Watch Team

When Ruth Yole walked into our offices, very few people turned to look at her because to them, she was just like any other visitor.

She walked in calculated steps with a faint smile on her sparkling face. The smile seemed as though it was fighting with her from the inside like it wanted to explode and spread all over her face.

After a small talk here and there, I realized what she is made of; courage, creativity, and the power and zeal of always wanting to move on no matter the challenges.

Ruth is bold and so are the enchanting pieces of art she effortlessly weaves together from stunning pieces of jewelry and accessory to custom-made collections. In short, she is s designer. She is that simple that one fails to notice but her pieces speak of the power behind her hands.

In the world of fashion, one has to work extra hard to be noticed and Ruth Yole clearly understands that.

She is an early riser. She starts off her regular working day by catching up on her emails and delegating duties of the day in her workshop located at Geomerc Business Centre, Ongata Rongai after which she meets up with her clientele around the city sections.

Her work ethic is top of her profession with her mind constantly on the go to create designs for her next collections. Bags, necklaces, and earrings are some of the jewelry and fashion accessories she creates.

Here are some of her works:

Looking for bags? Here is a sample of what the lady can do:

And what about hair products? Here is a sample:

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