Mitsumi And Dell To Advance AI In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Mitsumi Distribution, the premier IT, Telco, and enterprise distributor across Africa and the Middle East, has taken a leading role in propelling the region towards becoming a fully-fledged AI-enabled on the global stage.

In a groundbreaking move, that will drive AI uptake across various sectors of the economy, Mitsumi Distribution has partnered with Dell Technologies to host innovative workshops focusing on Artificial Intelligence and its applications, particularly within the healthcare industry.

Mr. Arshad Farhad, the Chief Technology Officer overseeing Dell Technologies’ Healthcare & Lifesciences sector in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, while addressing key stakeholders within the health sector during the inaugural workshop this week, disclosed a range of AI technologies, with a focus on Generative Artificial Intelligence.

He highlighted the essential skill sets needed, and privacy concerns, and underscored the transformative impact these technologies could have on Kenya’s healthcare system and across Africa. “The purpose of AI is to enhance the capabilities of clinicians and enhance clinical outcomes, rather than supplanting them”, he emphasized.

On his part M,r. Rajveer Shah, Director at Mitsumi Distribution, affirmed, “Mitsumi Distribution is dedicated to harnessing AI to drive transformation across various African sectors, including healthcare, Financial services, governance, public services, and more. We are poised to deploy our expertise and resources to assist industries in embracing AI and unlocking its full potential.”

Shah said with a strategic focus on bolstering Africa’s AI capabilities, Mitsumi has made significant investments in recruiting skilled data scientists and engineers from around the world, solidifying its commitment to fostering an AI-enabled society in Africa.

The workshop generated substantial interest among representatives from hospitals and healthcare service providers, who acknowledged AI’s transformative capacity in enhancing disease detection, optimizing processes, and ultimately elevating patient care standards.

He said Mitsumi Distribution, through its dedicated AI initiative in the Middle East and Africa region, is committed to bringing African industries up to global standards by forging partnerships with leading global technology solutions service providers.

Top-tier executives and decision-makers from prominent healthcare service providers, including Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi Hospital, Nairobi West Hospital, and Matter Hospital attended the workshop.

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