More Taxes For Squeezed Kenyans As Government Increases Fees On All Land Transactions

by Business Watch Team

Kenyans are set to scream and suffer more under the Kenya Kwanza Government after the Ministry of Lands increased fees on all land transactions.

The proposals have been recommended by Lands Cabinet Secretary Alice Wahome who says that the fees have not been revised for decades.

An official search of land has been revised from 500 shillings to 2,000 shillings. Registration of documents will now be charged at 1,500 shillings.

Alice Wahome’s Ministry has also hiked fees for incorporation of trust from the previous 5,000 shillings to 50,000 shillings. One of the highest and most ridiculous increases of our time.

The application for certified copies of the proceedings that arise from the determination of the land registrar has been revised to 3000 shillings for the first 10 pages. Applicants will be charged 100 shillings for any additional page.

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Resubmission for registration of any document will cost 1,500 shillings while correction of name that has not been done by the registrar will cost 2,500 shillings. Revocation of power of the attorney will cost 5,000 shillings.

Confirmation of boundary disputes will now cost 5,000 shillings whereas fixing boundaries will be charged at 5,000 shillings. Placement of a caution will cost 3,000 shillings.

Any land registry that spends a day outside the office will cost Kenyans 5,000 shillings same as transport while offering registry advice.

Kenyans have been hit by numerous taxes from the Kenya Kwanza Government that have left them with nothing to survive on. President William Ruto has been increasing taxes daily with nothing to show for them.

Kenyans now feel the increase in fees will lead to massive land grabbing as Kenyans with money will take advantage of those without to grab land.

The Ministry of Lands in Kenya is one of the most corrupt ministries in Kenya with Kenyans losing land to vicious cartels who have taken roots within the ministry.

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