MultiChoice Kenya Hosts The First Annual Content Showcase

by Business Watch Team

MultiChoice Kenya has today hosted its first annual content showcase under the theme “A never-ending story of value.”

The showcase which was hosted in Nairobi Kenya unveiled a raft of new shows that DStv & GOtv subscribers can look forward to in the coming weeks.

The showcase highlighted the commitment by Multichoice Kenya to grow its investment in the local content industry in the country successfully redefining the video entertainment industry.

Brand De Villers, MultiChoice Africa Chief Executive Officer while speaking at the showcase reiterated the contribution that the company has made in Kenya over the last 25 years.

He said, MultiChoice Group has heavily invested in the Kenyan market over the past 25 years. “Our contribution has been one of creating shared value in the broadcasting sector in the country. We have not only invested in the best local and international content, but we have also established long-term partnerships through the value chain which has helped grow and develop communities and families across Kenya,” said Brand.

As Kenya’s most loved storyteller, MultiChoice Kenya has not only invested in creating platforms for sharing our local stories but also invested in the development of local content and talent to ensure the video entertainment industry thrives.

MultiChoice Kenya Managing Director Nancy Matimu during the showcase said that the business had invested a total of $573.8M in direct and indirect investment to the Kenyan GDP over a 4-year period running from 1 April 2015 – 31 March 2019, one-quarter of which was channeled towards supporting the local entertainment sector.

“This contribution can largely be seen in society and especially in our local creative industry. Over the past 5 years, we have put in USD 138M (KSh 13.8 billion) which has been spent on Maisha Magic channels and infrastructure investments to ensure we can offer premium high-quality local entertainment for our customers.

The result of this has created an impact on over 200,000 families through jobs created through our productions, acquisition, and commissioning of local shows. This amounts to a total USD 81.7 Million (KSh 8.17 billion) in GDP uplift from employment generated through our support of the local content industry. Local content is a key differentiator for us, and we intend to continue producing more of it for our various markets.,” said Matimu.

MultiChoice Kenya also announced the addition of four new channels set to launch on the DStv platform from September 14, 2020. The channels will offer viewers more content and provide more choice and variety for lovers of movies, novellas, and for kids.

Among the shows unveiled today and set to premiere on various dates within this financial year are:TLNovelas: A English-dubbed Mexican telenovela pop-up channel which lands on DStv on Monday 14 September 2020 and will be available on DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact packages on channel 133.

A new channel KIX will be available on DStv Channel 114 for Premium, Compact Plus & Compact customers. This channel promises to bring viewers all the best scenes from all-time favourites such as Jackie Chan to Bruce Lee.

Timeless Drama Channel will offer a unique genre of high-budget English-dubbed series from Turkish producers set in the background of beautiful Istanbul or Anatolia, focusing on riveting stories full of emotion and passion that are tightly woven around Turkish values, symbols and culture with unique soundtracks. TVN will be an explosion in K-Pop and K-drama offering Korean content. tvN will be available to DStv subscribers upon launch.

For kids, a new pop-up channel called Zoomoo will launch on October 1, 2020. The channel will have content with a unique mix of live-action wildlife combined with animation, puppets – child-friendly factual programs, profiling animals, their habitat, what they eat, etc.

Accompanied by the free ZooMoo App which kids can download on their devices, this channel will offer a complete multi-screen environment, synchronized on a real-time basis with the channel.

“Bringing top-quality international content to African screens is a key part of our mandate. We are constantly reviewing our content to offer our audiences a fresh and exciting slate every so often The launch of these four channels is a testament to the fact that we are always searching far and wide to extend the largest portfolio of content that we offer on our platforms.,” said Nancy Matimu.

In addition to this wide variety of entertainment content, Multichoice Kenya continues to bring subscribers the best local and international sporting content including the best and biggest leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and the UEFA championships, golf, cricket, basketball, athletics, Tennis, Formula 1, WWE, UFC, and many other feature sporting events. Multichoice Kenya has also dedicated resources and the best expertise to ensure it continuously improves the way in which customers interact with the business via self-service platforms including the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps, *423# service, Kadipay, and self-service on Whatsapp.

“It is only by improving our customers’ experience, offering them more convenience, value for money, and delivering high-quality entertainment can we continue to provide our customers with the best entertainment there is, anytime and anywhere,” concluded Matimu.

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