Nestlé Kenya To Provide Hot Beverage For Frontline Health Workers

by Business Watch Team

Nestlé Kenya has moved to provide a hot beverage break for frontline health workers managing COVID-19 patients by installing Nescafé vending machines at Kenyatta University Hospital and the Infectious Disease Unit at Mbagathi Hospital.

The project, which has been undertaken in association with Kenya Healthcare Federation, will see over 200 health workers plus administration staff enjoy an unlimited number of servings of their favorite hot beverage daily. The machines will provide a selection of seven (7) hot beverages including Nestlé Nescafé Cappuccino, Nestlé Nescafé Mochaccino, Nestlé Hot Chocolate, Nestlé Nestea Cardamom Tea, Nestlé Nescafé White Coffee, Nestlé Nescafé Black Coffee, and Nestlé Nescafé Espresso in 300ml servings.

Nestlé said it is committed to providing the health workers with the hot beverages for the entire period of the pandemic.

“Food and beverages are at the heart of what Nestlé Kenya produces, and we believe that the best way we can support communities during this difficult time is by leveraging our expertise and capabilities, along with help from our partners, to bring relief to frontline health workers. As the cold season sets in, we believe a nourishing cup of their favorite hot beverage, will not only keep them cheered up but also offer them good energy to carry on their demanding duties,” said Mr. Robert Muathe, Nestlé East Africa’s General Manager for Nestlé Professional.

Adding “We’re activating our resources to do this now and provide other essential relief, and we will continue to do so as the country unites to tackle COVID-19.”

Nestlé is one of Kenya’s corporate institutions that have stepped in to support the government and Kenyans in managing the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company recently partnered with Kenya Red Cross Society to donate breakfast cereals to the vulnerable families living in informal settlements in Mukuru, and additionally handed over KSh17.98 million to the Kenya Red Cross and IFRC in support of water, sanitation, hygiene projects and food rations for vulnerable households.

Further, Nestlé Kenya has donated KSh5.88 million worth of foodstuff to the Covid-19 Emergency Fund, in addition to its employees volunteering to donate towards the support of orphanages within Nairobi.

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