Opinion: You Mean Kenya Had So Many Qualified Kalenjins?

by Business Watch Team

Who knew that Kenya had so many robust and qualified Kalenjins, able and capable of holding and running powerful positions in government?

Who knew that this country had such men and women able and capable of being Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, and Chairmen/women of powerful boards?

Where were all these Kalenjins? Why were previous governments not utilizing such powerful and unique talents from this God-sent community? If we realized this earlier, Kenya would be far in development.

Thanks to the Kenya Kwanza Government, we now have realized that one community is enough to run the country in the right direction. Look at the Ministries, every CS has a Kalenjin “prefect” as a PS. And we are doing just fine.

The recent appointments are what Kenya has been looking for. The appointments mirror the whole country. After all, we are all children of the same God. Right? When everybody from one tribe is appointed, everyone benefits. We are all children of God.

Those who are complaining are pagans. Useless people who do not know how a government should be run. A government should be run the way Kenya Kwanza Government is being run. Have your people. Have your tribe. When in meetings, use your mother tongue and share the dreams and visions of Kenya.

What else do we need? What else do we need as Kenyans? We have a God-fearing Government. We have a Government run by prayer warriors and intercessors. What else do we need?

Let Samia Suluhu Hassan of Tanzania make fun of us. She doesn’t understand. She has no idea what God has planned for us. We have God. She has the dollars. How dare she say that our foreign exchange is almost empty. That woman doesn’t know what God has for us.

In the meantime, start giving your newborns some Kalenjin names. You might find the Gazetted.

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