Sarova Marks Half A Century Of Operations In Kenya

by Business Watch Team

Sarova Hotels & Resorts, Kenya’s leading indigenous hospitality brand, today marked its 50th anniversary in the industry. This milestone stands as a testament to half a century of unparalleled service, resilience, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Reflecting on the historic occasion, Sarova Hotels & Resorts Managing Director, Jimi Kariuki remarked, “Today, we gather to celebrate not just a milestone, but a journey of resilience, adaptation, and enduring commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry. Our 50 years in operation epitomizes the spirit of progress, innovation, and unwavering dedication that defines Sarova Hotels & Resorts.”

Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife, Dr. Alfred Mutua, lauded Sarova Hotels and Resorts on their 50th anniversary, acknowledging their significant contribution to the hospitality sector as the largest indigenous brand. Dr. Mutua further emphasized the importance of maintaining high-quality standards in tourism, highlighting that it remains a top priority for the government. He stressed that enhancing the quality of tourism experiences is key to attracting more visitors and fostering growth within the industry.

In addition, Dr. Mutua reiterated the necessity for hotels to continually upgrade and refurbish their facilities to meet evolving customer demands. He emphasized that catering to the expectations of modern travelers, who increasingly prioritize value and quality, is essential for ensuring the competitiveness of Kenya’s tourism offerings. By aligning with these demands and consistently delivering exceptional experiences, hotels like Sarova play a vital role in elevating the overall tourism landscape and driving sustainable growth in the sector.

Established in April 1974 with the opening of the Ambassador Hotel in Nairobi, Sarova Hotels & Resorts has grown into a renowned hospitality powerhouse with nine distinguished properties under its brand, collectively offering 1,165 guest bedrooms. From its modest beginnings, the company has expanded and embraced innovation and remained steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Throughout its five-decade journey, Sarova Hotels & Resorts has not only grown its portfolio to 9 properties across the country but has also diversified its business model to include hotel management services, strategic partnerships, and the launch of standalone specialty restaurants.

“Today we provide hotel management services to other esteemed properties such as Sarova Mara Game Camp since 1984, Sarova Woodlands Hotel & Spa since 2017, and Sarova Imperial Hotel Kisumu since 2022. We also have a brand franchise agreement with Maiyan Resort, now branded Sarova Maiyan Resort Nanyuki. Our evolution continued with the launch of our first specialty restaurant, Thai Chi by Sarova, in Nairobi, in 2023, an extension of Thai Chi Restaurant at Sarova Stanley.” Mr. Kariuki added.

Beyond its commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences, Sarova Hotels & Resorts remains deeply invested in supporting local communities, engaging in wildlife conservation, and contributing to education, healthcare, and sustainability initiatives. The company’s efforts, including the adoption of rhinos in Lake Nakuru National Park, underscore its commitment to conservation and community welfare.

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