Signal Set to Roll out New Hard Nut Messaging Update for iPhone Users

by Business Watch Team

The US Senate and other governments have for long progressed a crackdown on secure messaging that values the federal governments need to be snooping on messaging applications of device users for ‘National Security’ purposes.

Ironically, even with this legislations currently in place, messaging technologies have attracted more users because of their guarantee to security. IPhone users sending messages to other third party platforms like WhatsApp have something great coming that is worth smiling about.

For WhatsApp’s vulnerability and iPhone’s top priority to security and usability, there is going to be a fine balance and fixes put in place to achieve the latter with Signal.

Signal which is the most renowned secure messaging platform so far is offering the update in iPhone users. Even with the main problem of Signal for iPhone users being unable to transfer messaging logs when you upgrade, Signal has settled this and users will not have to feel the pain of starting over again when upgrading the tool. With iMessage and WhatsApp for iPhone, its users rely on repositories to manage the transfer of their messaging history.

Signal being Signal has gone ahead to make sure that while you transfer you messaging history in the current upgrade, the database from the history transfer in the older tool or phone will be wiped off. No footprints and you’ll be good to go. The only demerit to this approach by Signal is that when you lose your phone, you lose your data. But if you prioritize you security, you won’t shed a tear as you wouldn’t want your message history out of your control.

Currently, WhatsApp too is trying to integrate such a move to giving priority to their user’s messaging experiences and do away with cloud-based storage and traces of messaging when updating or transferring WhatsApp data.

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