Three Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs The LG SolarDom Oven

by Business Watch Team
LG SolarDom

What comes in your mind whenever a microwave is mentioned? Or, what does the current microwave in your kitchen do? Heating and preheating. That is it. That has always been the norm in the “world of microwaves.” Heating and preheating.

But do you know that there is an oven that it is an all-rounder in that it can defrost, heat, cook, grill, bake, and roast foods, steaming and healthy fry? Imagine an oven/microwave that bakes and grills? Am talking about the new LG SolarDom NeoChef that is now revolutionizing kitchens.

For normal conventional ovens, one has to preheat to achieve a uniform heat supply. This takes time and beats the logic of energy consumption. Due to its uniform heating and improved energy circulation, the LG SolarDOM NeoChef enables the oven to become hotter and ready without the need to preheat for grilling or baking.

I had mentioned that LG SolarDom NeoChef grills. Yes. It does. This sounds “strange” to be found in a microwave. But LG Electronics has a way of “making strange things happen.” The grillfunction in LG SolarDom makes a great choice for toasting and browning your favorite dishes. It has a Bottom Grill that adds heat not only from the top but also from the bottom, which gives taste-cooking just like a traditional oven.

Would you like to bake while retaining the natural taste of the “good old days”? Well, you have nothing to worry. The LG SolarDOM NeoChef can bake or roast at controlled temperatures. The LG SolarDom Oven combines different heating sources with different wavelengths and circulates them throughout the oven.

LG SolarDom comes with other features such as the deodorization function, child lock, a drop-down door, and eye-level control panel with intuitive and highly responsive controls, making it easy to use and more convenient.

The truth is, LG SolarDOM NeoChef from LG is a trustworthy kitchen appliance that lives true to its name. It packs a range of smart specifications that incorporate high-quality components and amazing features designed to make life easy for you. Get one today and try it out.

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