Top 10 Money Transfer Solutions By Co-op Bank

by Business Watch Team

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has some amazing and robust money transfer solutions within and without the country.

Here are 10 of them:

1. CopRemit

Co-opRemit is a money transfer solution that allows Co-op Bank customers to send money to a mobile wallet or bank account outside Kenya conveniently and affordably.

It is ideal for MSMEs, parents with children studying abroad, as well as persons with relatives seeking medical treatment abroad.

With CopRemit, one can send a maximum of 1,000,000 shillings per day and be charged between USD 2.50 and USD 12.50* depending on the amount you intend to transfer.

2. PesaLink

PesaLink allows one to transfer money into a Co-op Bank account instantly from another bank.

One can transfer as little as 10 shillings up to 200,000 shillings at an extremely low cost between 0 to 152 shillings, depending on the amount one transfers.

One can also make payments directly from their Co-op Bank account to any local bank account instantly from as little as 10 shillings up to 200,000 shillings.

3. Money Gram

This service enables one to send and receive money locally or around the globe via MoneyGram at a Co-op Bank branch.

Co-op Bank is an authorized agent for MoneyGram services. These services can be accessed from any of 150+ branches countrywide Selected Co-op Kwa Jirani and Selected Saccos.

4. Western Union

Western Union and Money Gram offer services that are somehow similar. Co-operative Bank is an authorized agent for Western Union that helps customers send and receive money locally and around the world.

5. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a safe, secure, and fast means to send and receive cash to one’s Co-operative Bank account from 120 destinations across Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA.

It is instant credit to one’s Co-operative Bank Account (individual, business, institution accounts, and Sacco), affordable, and funds arrive both in USD and KES.

6. Poa Pay

This is for customers in the United States of America. It enables one to send money from the USA to a Co-op Bank Kenya account from the comfort of their home, workplace, or any computer with an internet connection.

There are no long lines and no need to interrupt one’s busy day to travel to a merchant, agent, or bank to send money.

7. Instant Cash

Instant Cash is a safe, secure, and fast means to send cash from over 250,000 locations across United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

8. TransFast

Transfast Money Transfer allows one to send and receive money quickly and securely. You can send money to a Co-op Bank account, mobile wallet, and third-party payments.

9. Wave

Wave is a fast, safe and affordable way to send money from the United States into your Co-op Bank account. Sending money via Wave is as simple as sending a text message. The funds arrive instantly into the bank account.

Request the sender to install the Wave app on their mobile phone from Google Play Store or the App Store.

10. Swift Transfers

Are you a bank looking for a correspondent bank in Kenya with the right expertise?

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya has an experienced Correspondent Banking team with in-depth knowledge of international banking products and practices to meet your business requirements.

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