Top 5 Alcoholic Drinks In Nairobi That Have No Hangovers

by Business Watch Team

At some point in time, Kenya was known as a drinking nation. Kenyans are said to be among the top drinking nations in Africa. In the East African region, our country comes second after Uganda.

Nothing scares a drunkard more than alcohol gives you heavy hangovers. That is; you wake up the following day and your head is as heavy as the anchor of a ship with headaches hitting your whole head like bells way back in high school.

But it all lies in the type of alcohol that one chooses to drink. We have selected 5 alcoholic drinks that will not give you hangovers on Monday morning:


This is a pure beer with zero sugar. It’s a very smooth beer that gives you no hangovers. But watch out, some wines and spirits in Nairobi are selling fake cans that can give you terrible hangovers. Buy from notable clubs or just get it from a supermarket.


This is a whiskey, another smooth drink that leaves you with a cool head the following day. You will not have any headaches. The only problem with this drink is that you may not remember your actions when you take one too many.

Red Label

Another whiskey that we have realized leaves people with a cool head the following day. But make sure you buy genuine ones. There are so many counterfeits in Nairobi. When you buy one, make sure it has a stopper. Most fake ones do not stoppers.


It’s another good beer that users say does not have hangovers. Many, however, say it is more important to take one that is in a glass bottle than that in a can. But something to note, Heineken in a can is more than that in a bottle. Interesting indeed.

Fourth street Sweet

This is wine. Many users say it does not have hangovers while some have reported some terrible hangovers. We shall leave this to users to tell us.

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