Toyota Kenya And NTSA To Help Boda-Bodas With Road Safety Skills

by Business Watch Team

Motor vehicle dealer Toyota Kenya has extended its support to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Boda Boda Safety campaign through the donation of three Yamaha Crux Rev A motorcycles and 100 helmets.

Motorcycle public transport has gained popularity over the years from 6,250 in 2006 to a current estimated 1.4 Million registered motorcycles. The demand for boda boda services is significant across the country owing to its affordability and availability, while at the same time creating employment for thousands of young Kenyans.

“As the sub-sector grows, motorcyclists and pillion passengers continue to be overrepresented in Road traffic-related crashes, accounting for 39% (1405) of all fatalities as of October 2021. NTSA as part of its education and awareness program is committed to ensuring Boda Boda operators acquire proper skills during training while at the same time focus on imparting road safety knowledge through sensitization activities,” said NTSA Director-General George Njao

Despite the efforts, the impact is minimal and there is a need to move away from the one agency to a multi-sectoral approach and share the responsibility of addressing the challenges presented by the sub-sector. It is with the support of partners like Toyota Kenya Limited, that NTSA will make strides towards reducing fatalities among motorcyclists and pillion passengers, he added.

“As a company, we are committed to promoting a safety-first mindset across all our operations. It is for that reason that we offer rider training at the Yamaha Riding Academy in which riders are equipped with safety riding and basic maintenance skills. In addition to the training, we ensure that all motorcycles delivered come with a helmet and reflector jacket to promote rider and passenger safety.” said Mr. Arvinder Reel, Toyota Kenya Managing Director.

“In addition, collaborations with stakeholders in the motorcycle sector will be instrumental to help curb rider crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities in Kenya by 50%, as the focus shifts to enhancing a safe motorcycle riding culture.” He added.

The Boda-boda Safety Campaign is also part of the NYS Nationwide Boda Boda training Programme.

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