TSC Update On July Recruitment Of Teachers As Shortage Hits 90,000

by Business Watch Team

Recently, the Teachers Service Commission, TSC, adopted an almost predictable employment strategy of employing 5000 new teachers on permanent and pensionable terms while additionally hiring about 6,000 intern teachers who serve under the same commission.

TSC has declared 5, 000 vacancies to fill the huge learning gaps in both secondary and primary schools. A total of 5000 vacancies will be distributed in both primary and secondary schools across the country.

Top reapers in the employment will definitely be the intern teachers currently serving if the commission awards them the usually allotted internship marks in their marking scheme.

Ukur Yatani, cabinet secretary in charge of finance recently released the 2022 budget estimations and funding of various state sectors and ministries. This budget came earlier than usual due to the expected government transition and electioneering period.

Members of Parliament had to discuss and approve the budgetary allocations before the official campaign period kicked in, no wonder the budget was presented earlier.

Under the very detailed budget, the CS indicated that the education sector had received one of the biggest budgets ever far bearing other departments.

This is because of its massive workforce that comprises over 300,000 teachers serving under the Teachers Recruitment and Management body TSC.

The additional teachers are part of the remedies adopted by the government to curb the ever-widening teacher shortage in Kenya occasioned by the 100% transition to secondary school and free primary education

At the moment, the student-teacher ratio is too overwhelming on the part of the teacher. Under the budget, over 2B shillings were allocated to facilitate the hiring of 5000 teachers on permanent and pensionable terms.

This means that any time from now, TSC will advertise the jobs and stations, and qualified trained teachers will be up and about seeking to net these vacancies

During the process of recruitment, the added advantage is given to the serving Interns because they are normally awarded extra marks in the marking scheme.

Considering last year’s recruitment, the interns serving at the time scooped a whooping 30 marks making it almost impossible to beat an intern. This made it possible for most interns successful in the interview and subsequently the recruitment exercise.

According to TSC, 2021 annual report, the teachers’ shortage stood at 99,213 in primary and secondary schools. In the report, which was presented to the National Assembly, the figure represented 44,134 and 55, 079 primary and secondary schools.

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