Understanding The Children’s Act And How To Protect Them

by Business Watch Team

We are living at a time where technology has changed everything. The world is constantly changing with new trends coming up every day. Having kids and bringing them upright at this age is not a walk in the park.

To help protect children in Kenya, there are several laws (Acts) that have been put in place. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of these Acts and how they protect children. Here are some of them:

Children’s Act Article 6

  1. A child shall have a right to live with and to be cared for by his parents.
  2. Subject to subsection (1), where the court or the Director determines in accordance with the law that it is in the best interests of the child to separate him from his parent, the best alternative care available shall be provided for the child.
  3. Where a child is separated from his family without the leave of the court, the Government shall provide assistance for the reunification of the child with his family.

No child should be neglected. They need to be loved and be taken care of.

Children’s Act Article 13

Protection from abuse

  1. A child shall be entitled to protection from physical and psychological abuse, neglect, and any other form of exploitation including the sale, trafficking, or abduction by any person.
  2. Any child who becomes the victim of abuse, in the terms of subsection (1), shall be accorded appropriate treatment and rehabilitation in accordance with such regulations as the Minister may make.

Children’s Act Article 15 – Protection from sexual exploitation

A child shall be protected from sexual exploitation and use in prostitution, inducement, or coercion to engage in any sexual activity and exposure to obscene materials.

Children’s Act Article 17

A child shall be entitled to leisure, play, and participation in cultural and artistic activities.

Children’s Act Article 19

Right to privacy

Every child shall have the right to privacy subject to parental guidance.

Children’s Act Article 20


Notwithstanding penalties contained in any other law, where any person willfully or as a consequence of culpable negligence infringes any of the rights of a child as specified in sections 5 to  19 such person shall be liable upon summary conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand shillings or to both such imprisonment and fine.


Children have their rights. They are stipulated under the law. At this age of the internet, do not let your child fall victim. Protect them. Be Cyber-smart and be the cop.

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