Unpacking The Nokia C10; What Is In It For You?

by Business Watch Team

Nokia, the smartphone brand by HMD Global, is among the big names in the industry. It is one of the most trusted brands that continues to lead the feature phone category by value.

In 2021, it launched a series of elegant and beautifully designed smartphones in the categories X-Series, Advanced G-Series, and Entry-Level C-Series.

The C-series features the Nokia C10 and the C20, both featuring a 6.5-inch HD+ display, with Android 11, and a range of other useful features.

The Nokia C10 is the most affordable device in the new portfolio and has an ergonomic casing with a micro-texture finish to ensure durability. But why is it worth your money?

The Nokia C10

In a nutshell, the Nokia C10 delivers a quality experience consumers expect from a reliable smartphone.

It has been built to last, inside and out, the feel, the touch, and the seamless operation are simply irresistible. Tailored toward the entry-level segment, the Nokia C10 is built on the foundation of trust, simplicity, and flexibility.

You only pay for the features you use every day with no fixed-term subscriptions or premiums.

Of course, just like millions of other people out there, you need a device you can rely on for your everyday needs. From basic connectivity to payments and creativity, Nokia cares about you trusting it.

Thanks to industry-leading security, superior durability, and a promise to provide the latest software, your Nokia C10 lasts longer than expected.

It guarantees faster speeds and improved security features, with quarterly security updates for two years.


Apart from the stunningly clear 6.5″ HD+ screen, Nokia C10 also gives you what you care about the most, battery life. With all-day juice, you can immerse yourself in a variety of activities without worrying about the battery running flat.

There are no more gloomy moments with family. Everything just got better. With the Nokia C10, you and your family can indulge in your favorite tunes while on a road trip or settle in to watch a film. The phone champions me-time and family time at an attractive price point.

Although it is one of the most affordable smartphones for everyone, the Nokia C10 hasn’t compromised on some features and capabilities. It sports front and back HDR cameras paired with a LED flash for clarity.

Now you can capture and share your special moments in all their glory, even in low light, be it a dusk-time selfie or a candid shot of the rug rats before bed to share on the family group chat.

The phone is equipped with Android 11 (Go edition) straight out of the box, with the latest software innovations. This Android version offers more memory and consumes fewer data.

Based on HMD lab tests loading speeds are up to 20 percent faster than before, and the improved access to security features means your data will be safer.

The Nokia C10’s Nordic design lives true to the trademark durability. The superior build quality stems from rigorous testing and attention to the most minute details.

Better yet, the ergonomically designed casing with a micro-texture finish makes it easy to hold even for the smallest of hands.

Why Should You Buy the Nokia C10?

Of course, it has an elegant design and beautiful features, but where it beats the competition is in the following categories:

  • Most affordable smartphone to offer 6.5″ HD+ Display.
  • Security for ultra-high value handsets with two years of quarterly updates
  • Android™ 11 (Go edition), a rarity among ultra-high value smartphones
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) and front and rear LED flash for photography even under low light.

Where to Buy?

The Nokia C10 is available in all authorized dealer shops across the country as well as e-commerce platforms.

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