What Air France Has In Store For Africa Passengers This Year

by Business Watch Team
Air France

Air France, a global leader in aviation, continues to solidify its commitment to providing exceptional service and connectivity in Africa.

Driven by its dedication to excellence, Air France continues its Africa journey in 2024 with investments in cutting-edge technology and modern fleets, ensuring the highest standards of safety, comfort, and environmental sustainability.

The airline, which now covers 31 routes[i] in Sub-Saharan Africa, continues to place customer satisfaction at the forefront of its priorities with innovative services to enhance the overall passenger experience, from streamlined booking processes to personalized in-flight services.

Air France passengers flying from and into Africa will continue to enjoy the latest amenities, spacious cabins, and entertainment options that make every journey a delightful experience.

“We will continue to innovate and elevate our standards, ensuring an unparalleled travel experience that prioritizes passenger well-being and satisfaction” said Air France KLM General Manager for East and Southern Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana Marius van der Ham.

“We are also keen on reducing our carbon footprint and that is why we are continually reviewing our fleets strategically opting to retain only those that boast the most eco-friendly attributes with minimal emissions.”

Beyond its operational excellence, Air France continues to actively engage with local communities across Africa through various corporate social responsibility initiatives, while striving to make a positive impact in the regions it serves.

In 2024, Air France will be involved in supporting underprivileged communities and sporting events in support of environmental protection, amongst other initiatives.

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