What Are The Two Things That Define OPPO A92?

by Business Watch Team

OPPO has been dropping one great smartphone to another. Show me another smartphone maker who has released such amazing products within such short timeframes this year. None.

It is like they were waiting for this “working from home” time to make sure that people are comfortable as they work and stay in their homes. These guys are redefining the whole meaning in a “smartphone.” A smartphone is no longer “any phone that with a screen without buttons.”

As others suspended the release of new phone models, OPPO seems to have relentlessly refused to let their customers hanging and wanting for better gadgets.

The latest kid in town is OPPO A92. You should see this phone. I have interacted with it for just a week but I have enough to talk about its amazing features. It is something you won’t regret if you came in contact with one, even for a day.

Now, world over, OPPO smartphones are defined by how powerful their cameras are. It will be a failure on my part if I fail to notice how the same trait of having amazing cameras has been passed on to OPPO A92.

To me, this phone is defined by two things; the camera and the space. In fact, for anybody thinking of buying a phone, these are the two main things that you should look for. Any other thing is just an addition.

This phone comes equipped with a magnificent 1080P Neo-Display a d a 48MP AI Quad Camera that makes you a pro in taking your own pictures.

The phone, actually, offers you a trendy and dynamic technology with its design and experience. It’s storage? Something to behold. If comes with 8GB RAM and a storage capacity of 128GB.

2020 might not be a good year for many people but it does not mean that people don’t have fun and get the best of every moment they get. 

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