WHO Offered USD 20 Million For Madagascar’s Covid-19 Cure To Be Poisoned

by Business Watch Team

The President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina has said that the World Health Organization (WHO) offered him a bribe of 20 million dollars for him to have the Madagascar’s cure for Covid-19 poisoned.

In a shocking revelation that is likely to damage the credibility of WHO against the fight of Covid-19, the Madagascar’s President says WHO knows that the cure works and is doing everything possible to have it poisoned.

The herbal remedy called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days said the President.

WHO has refused to recognize the cure from Madagascar calling on countries not to use the “herbs” that have not been tested. According to health authorities in Madagascar, the cure works and more than 80 percent of patients have recovered.

WHO is said to be receiving funding from Bill Gates who also has a vaccine and wants the world to have it. Also, the fact that the “cure” comes from Africa and not from one of the superpowers in the world seems to be working against the remedy by Madagascar.

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